Bloody Hell


Jack, a teenager, is invited to his close friend Barry’s house on the first day of summer. It does not take long, however, before his discontent with the disappearance of a boy named Luke becomes evident. An argument ensues, until Jack begins to imagine Barry covered in blood, blaming him for Luke’s death. Jack has bloody hands, indicating the guilt he feels for withholding his knowledge on the incident. Jack sees Barry’s face and body crack, split, and morph as he transforms into a ghastly creature, and he runs away in terror. Jack eventually runs away, leaving Barry staring at him, realizing he’s completely alone.



Gerald, a drifter whose fallen on hard times, lives in a suburban shopping complex known as Preston Centre. This mockumentary illustrates the struggles of a man overcoming his day-to-day struggles with humor, wit, and perseverance.

The Apricot Tree


A bigoted widower fails at maintaining his late wife's apricot tree. When his attempts are interrupted by a refugee found sleeping in his garden shed, he learns how to find closure.

Dan, The Dinosaur


A young misfit T-rex goes on a journey to find his place among dinosaurs.



A young boy feeds his pet fish, seemingly unaware of his other surroundings. His mother enters the room, unnoticed by the boy, and sits on the couch to read, not acknowledging her son. He continues to watch the fish as he recites facts about them in his head, until his mother stands up and tears down his drawings of sea life. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Mental Facade


Matthew, a seemingly ordinary man, is plagued by an unusual ailment: an aggressive and hateful alter ego who delights in assaulting Matthew’s mental state. Looking for relief, Matthew speaks with a psychologist and learns that the unwanted friend may be more a part of himself than he would like to admit. However, in reaching out for help, hope remains that he will find the peace of mind he is looking for.

A Life of Memories


An elderly man, Mr. Jonathan Daniels, has lost his wife, and the death has put Mr. Daniels into a solemn, depressed state. Mr. Daniels no longer cleans the house up, eats food regularly, or even listen to calls from his daughter Katy. Most importantly, however, is that whenever Mr. Daniels looks at objects such as his wife’s engagement ring or anything related to his wife, Mr. Daniels remembers the last moment with his wife when she died. That gloomy final moment resonates with Mr. Daniels consistently.

Let's Go!


Ann and Nancy, best friends and band mates, find out their favorite local record store is closing, and plan one big concert to save it.



A celestial event sparks a series of mysterious disappearances. A father, that is desperately searching for his daughter Audrey, finds more than he was looking for. Can she survive long enough to be saved or will a newly formed cult fulfill their prophecy?



A businessman under pressure working at home, finds himself facing a series of strange occurrences while waiting for his wife to come home.

Young Dallas


A documentary exploring teen pregnancy, one of the worst issues affecting North Texas today, and its effects in Dallas and beyond.

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